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Inspector MacDonald, describing Moriarty in The Valley of Fear

'…I had a chat with him on eclipses. How the talk got that way I canna think; but he had out a reflector lantern and a globe, and made it all clear in a minute. He lent me a book; but I don’t mind saying that it was a bit above my head, though I had a good Aberdeen upbringing. He’d have made a grand meenister with his thin face and gray hair and solemn-like way of talking. When he put his hand on my shoulder as we were parting, it was like a father’s blessing before you go out into the cold, cruel world.’

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If Moriarty is not a psychopath, then what is he
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I’m also bothered by the fact it’s older fans pushing this idea the most. They’re in their 30s telling these young fans to just wait it out and be happy with what they’re giving you and omg it’ll happen if you follow this theory. Really?

I’m suspicious of that, honestly. I mean I’m sure some of them are actually in their thirties, but I feel like various tjlc people claim knowledge they don’t actually possess. Because you go over there and everyone’s like ‘oh we have academics saying this is CLASSIC and will DEF happen’ but then you read some of the “academic” meta and they’re just riddled with poor grammar and specious argumentation, not to mention there’s essentially no structure in place by which to follow their logic. AND they curse at people in place of answering criticism. That’s NOT a genuine academic.

Emphasizing that you’re an academic on Tumblr, & going on about it, is a bit strange to me. I don’t mean that people totally cease to be an academic once they log into tumblr, but doing academic work goes hand in hand with stuff like presenting early versions of your research at a conference, editing your work for logical flaws and structure, peer-review before publication, being at least somewhat subtle with your put-downs, and — really importantly — understanding the limitations of your arguments. True academics value criticism, and are skeptical of cut-and-dry solutions.

What I’m trying to say is, academic work doesn’t come about because super smart people are working and writing in a vacuum by themselves, it’s shaped by academic institutions and traditions. Sure, some people with academic experience and credentials will have good insights, but they’re not producing academic-standard work for Tumblr. And they couldn’t if they tried, because Tumblr doesn’t have the interface for it, and obviously was never intended for it.

When people label a meta or a meta-writer ‘academic’, imo it has little meaning other than ‘this person’s necessarily smarter and this interpretion is more valid because it’s my favourite and this person’s an academic’.

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Something that just occurred to me about this scene…



When Watson is parroting Moriarty’s words, he speaks in an incredibly flat voice.

I always saw that as an act of defiance—the only one he had access to at that moment.

But it just occurred to me HOW MUCH of an act of defiance that was.

Because you just KNOW the actual dialogue looks like this:

Moriarty: EVENING!
John: Evening.
Moriarty: This is quuuuITE the turn-up! Isn’t it, Shwurwack?
John: This is quite the turn up, isn’t it, Sherlock.
Moriarty: WHAT would you liii-iiike me to mAkE him sAY nEXT!
John: What would you like me to make him say next.
Moriarty: *Singing* Gottle ooo’ geeeer, Gottle ooo’ geeeer…!
John: Gottle o’ geer. Gottle o’ geer.

Finally Moriarty is like, ‘Ok, I’m too fabulous for this,’ and joins the party in person.

'Shwurwack'? is that supposed to be an attempt to make fun of Jim's accent, or….?

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but tbh lmao if the only thing you can come up with for sheriarty being "abusive" is the roof jump, it's not exactly an equal comparison. also, im pretty sure sherlock enjoyed planning out the whole thing and following the puzzles and outwitting his nemesis.



I stopped reading after but tbh lmao

"I dont like that you have an actual argument so i’m just going 2 pretend i didnt read it" do johnlockers even try

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Don’t fucking reblog sheriarty just to say you don’t like sheriarty.

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Everything I have to say has already crossed your mind, baby (¬‿¬) 

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One of the lovely things about Sherlock Holmes is that about half the villains are men trying to steal their step-daughter’s (or other woman’s) inheritance. And Holmes is always absolutely on the women’s side. This is important, this is what needs to be carried over to modern adaptations, this is why we are here.

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sherlock literally is nicer to his arch enemy than he is to john but no they're totally ~in love~


no fucking joke though. 

who the fuck makes tea for a criminal who just badassed his way out of conviction AFTER you flirted with him all day on the stand. 

like yeah. 


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